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A worldwide developer of technologies that help mitigate global warming and its effects on the planet.

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Batteries hold the key to transitioning away from fossil fuel dependence.  As the world moves forward adopting clean energy, new battery chemistries must be developed.

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GWSO’s hybrid 2-in-1 system sodium battery. A promising alternative to substitute, and eventually replace high contaminant lithium-ion batteries. ​

Key benefits to our 2-in-1 hybrid sodium batteries-hydrogen generator system that makes our technology so disruptive and innovative:

Optimal Performance

Low Cost of Acquisition

Minimal Ecological and Environmental Impact

Low Cost of Operation and Maintenance


Electric vehicles (EVs) and other mobile vehicles, including hybrid vehicles.

eVTOL, electric aircraft, and drones for commercial and defense applications.

Electric ships, marine drones, and submersibles for commercial and defense applications.

off-the-grid remote antennas, and relay station operations.

Our technology performs at a utility-scale using the fully integrated GWSO Zero Emissions Power Energy Source System. Also, it can be configured as a grid supplemental rapid action power system to support other renewable energy intermittence problems, peeks of energy, and substation UPS to support critical loads during outages.

Multiple logistics, infrastructure, and operational applications, including air mobility, land transportation, communications, and defense systems.

Highly reliable zero emissions power source systems for houses and commercial buildings without the need to be connected to the grid or any other renewable technology using our integrated system design for those purposes.


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GWSO creates cutting-edge solutions to combat the imminent problem of climate change. Partnering with scientists, and people alike, GWSO brings revolutionary theories and ideas to reality. Disrupting what the world currently knows about harvesting energy, GWSO is dedicated to bringing these solutions to market. Taking a concept to patent, creating a working prototype, and ultimately presenting the solutions to market.

We’re looking at a new era of high-reliable, ZERO emissions, multi-energy source systems integrated into one system/platform. We are creating and developing a 100% Made-In-America system for almost any application that requires a Zero-emission power source and fuel on Earth and beyond.