Reforestation A More Viable Tool For Climate Mitigation

It’s time to get our Home in order

More and more people on our Planet are becoming aware that It was not given to us as a gift, that a consumerist attitude towards nature will first of all have a negative impact on us – on humanity. And to take care of our Earth, people are taking various steps in the sphere of ecology.
One of the available options to improve the ecological situation is reforestation, reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint.
Our project allows you to remotely restore areas of forest affected by fires, bark beetles or disease, to calculate and compensate your carbon footprint.

EcologizatiO₂n – Change the World Now for a Better Future

Calculate your personal carbon footprint

Use the handy calculator and find out in a few steps how many tonnes of carbon dioxide you produce annually.

Compensate your footprint in total or in part

In a couple of clicks, shut down your impact on nature, and find out your ranking among your country’s citizens and around the world.

Greening your business

Business owner? Compensate the carbon footprint of your business and become eco-friendly or eco-neutral.

Find out how to become greener

Study materials on reducing environmental impact and introducing healthy green habits.

Plant a forest

Support a project to restore forests destroyed by fires or bark beetles.

What is going on and what you can do

We use gas, electricity, drive cars, fly planes, eat meat. Every one of us is leaving a carbon footprint. The Planet is suffocating. Reducing our personal carbon footprint and the negative impact of business on the atmosphere is the surest way to protect the Earth’s ozone layer.

Calculate your carbon footprint with our simple service calculator and offset some or all of your carbon footprint.
>Plant trees and regenerate dead forests and thereby create a natural tool for absorbing CO₂.

Gain knowledge about which daily habits will reduce your negative impact on the environment.

Our branded merchandise

We plant a tree for every purchase made from our shop to support the environment.

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