Hydrogen Energy Storage Solutions

Wind and solar power are renewable sources of power generation offering a viable solution to reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our energy supply. But because wind and solar power are intermittent, other energy resources are needed to help with electricity supply and load demand throughout the day.

Hydrogen is the common solution to a cleaner energy future. Our technology provides a link to capitalize on the vast potential of alternative generation sources by leveraging renewable energy sources for energy storage and grid balancing and building clean fueling infrastructure for transportation.

Power-to-Gas is a hybrid solution which converts surplus renewable generation into hydrogen using electrolysis. It then injects the hydrogen into the existing natural gas infrastructure. Hydrogenics has decades of experience in designing and installing on-site electrolyzers to provide Power-to-Gas solutions.

Hydrogen fueling stations can help you reach your carbon and greenhouse gas reduction targets. Hydrogenics offers significant field and technological know-how in renewable hydrogen fueling stations at 350 and 700 bar using electrolysis with over 55 installations worldwide.

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