HLE (Healthy Lighting Energy) + Ozone – The Killer Combination against many viruses.

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    Ozone has been recognized as a natural killer of viruses in nature. Ozone can be created using ozone generators.

    An HLE (Healthy Lighting Energy) of special lighting system, developed by the Company is designed to synergistically interact with ozone to kill microbes. The system has a high penetration capacity (up to 10 cm or 4 inches) of HLE in the volume of solid or liquid substances of a treated object. It kills microbes not only in the air and on the surface of any material, food, any other products or clothing but also inside them. This synergistic effect makes our sterilization technology unique and at the same time safe, because HLE does not deploy any dangerous radiation including UV-C light.

    The hybrid systems combine portable or stationary ozone generators with HLE lighting bars or panels. It can be used effectively in crowded hospitals, public spaces, closed public transport, and indoor housing.

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