About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is to become a leading provider of renewable and energy efficiency products and solutions by helping commercial companies and municipalities eliminate energy waste, reduce emissions, lower cost and generate incremental revenue.

Global Warming Solutions, Inc is seeking to develop and commercialize technologies aimed at harvesting solar energy, improving energy efficiency of buildings, and creating new sources of drinking water.

Ongoing global warming crossed from the realm of obscure scientific publication over to everybody’s reality a few years ago. With no vigorous steps taken to counter this unwelcome change, its consequences could become catastrophic to hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people within the next 20-30 years, as current climate models predict. The increase in the median global temperature can be slowed or eliminated by decreasing the amounts of greenhouse gases released into the Earth’s atmosphere. The largest by far source of greenhouse emissions is burning fossil fuels for purposes of transportation and energy generation making it the primary target for amelioration. We can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by using solar and other alternative forms of green energy.

GWSO Strategically Positioned for the Green Revolution

Consumers want green solutions. Businesses want to be environmentally friendly. Global warming is creating huge demand and huge opportunity for GWSO in two categories:

1. Clean Energy

Where does all that dangerous atmospheric carbon come from? Much of it is form “dirty” fossil fuels that give off CO2 as an unwanted byproduct.

2. Carbon Reduction

Carbon, quite simply, is the problem. Without an excess of carbon dioxide (CO2), there would be no global warming. The single most dangerous greenhouse gas, CO2, is responsible for trapping heat in the atmosphere. This is called the ” greenhouse effect,” since it is the same principle that keeps a greenhouse warm.

We‘re already seeing the effects of global warming: powerful storms, melting glaciers, displaced species. As there effects intensity – and new problems arise – there will be increasing demand for the solutions of GWSO.